Inssist stands for "Instagram Assistant". It is a little Chrome Extension (plugin, addon) that brings Instagram Mobile View to your desktop browser.

It allows posting and downloading photos and videos, working with stories, managing comments and sending DMs as if you were using a mobile version of Instagram web app.

Bloggers, photographers, marketing specialists, business owners use Inssist to save time and improve Instagram workflow.

Yes. By design Inssist surfaces Instagram features that are already there.

Inssist does not collect, transfer or store your Instagram or browsing data away from your PC.

Inssist switches your browser “user-agent” to iPhone which causes Instagram to present a mobile version of their website to you.

The app adds a host of improvements that enables working with the mobile interface easier.

Inssist provides optional post planning, scheduling, performance analysis and data exporting services.

Inssist has a lot to offer on top of the embedded posting, comments management and DMs:

  • Inssist is the only extension that can Post Videos.
    Download any post, video or story to your PC.
    Publish stories including markers and stickers support.

  • Schedule posts and pre-plan future posts in a grid.
    Export all followers / followings of any public account, gain insights on when they post and hashtags they use.
    Run post, hashtag and competitors analytics.
    Generate hashtag suggestions when posting.

Photos posted with Inssist have a better quality comparing to other desktop posting solutions due to optimized compression algorithm.

Posting photos and videos, working with stories, comments and direct messages — all are free being a part of Instagram web app.

Additional features such as grid post planner and reminders, insights and account analytics are $5 / month and are currently under active development.

These features are optional.

Inssist is distributed through the official Chrome Web Store. Please navigate to Inssist Plugin Page and click the "Add To Chrome" button.

Please open the chrome://extensions link in browser, locate Inssist and click Remove button.

If you had a PRO subscription, you can cancel it from the Google Pay website. Please navigate to Subscriptions & Services tab, click Inssist -> Manage -> CANCEL.

This may happen sometime due to a plugin conflict, during a Chrome version update or if you accidentally disabled the plugin in a Chrome Toolbar.

To enable Inssist, please navigate to chrome://extensions page in Chrome, locate Inssist and click Enable.

Please open the Instagram home page in your browser, log out and log back in under a different Instagram ID. Inssist will understand that the accounts has been changed and switch to it.

Inssist works on every Chromium based browser: Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, Brave, Opera, Microsoft Edge and others.

Inssist relies on Google Pay to manage subscriptions and Google Pay subscriptions only works on Chrome. More billing systems will be added to support other browsers and platforms.

We also plan to release native desktop apps (MacOS / Windows / Linux) in the future as well as official Firefox extension.

Due to technical Instagram restrictions to scheduling, Inssist relies on Facebook servers to schedule posts.

Scheduled posts are sent to Instagram account. Facebook account is required only to deliver the posts to Instagram.

To setup scheduling, please open Inssist and click the Calendar icon on the left. Inssist will configure the scheduling for you automatically.

We do not collect your social network credentials, this setup is safe and can be deactivated any time from Facebook.

To cancel scheduling and disconnect Instagram account from Facebook, please navigate to Facebook Pages List, click on the Facebook Page created by Inssist, open Page Settings and disconnect Instagram from Facebook under Instagram tab on the left.

If automated setup fails for whatever reason, you can follow these steps to setup the scheduling manually:

  • Make sure to login to Facebook. Facebook account is requires for scheduling to work. If you do not have a Facebook account, create one at facebook.com
  • Create a Facebook Page under Facebook Pages List
  • Navigate to the Facebook Page, click Settings button on the top and click Instagram tab on the left.
  • Click "Connect Account" button and pair Instagram and Facebook accounts. Facebook will ask you to upgrade your Instagram account to Business in the process.
  • Done! Navigate back to Inssist and schedule some posts.

If you spotted a bug or manual setup fails at some point, please reach us at @ and attach a few screenshots to illustrate the problem.

Inssist can scan any public Instagram account profile to find out if account is a spam or a real person or business.

It does so by performing a set of checks against account posting times analysis, followers / followings ratio and other variables.

To find out if Instagram account is a spam bot, navigate to that account in Inssist page and click "CHECK IF BOT" button at the top of the profile.

Insights can be scheduled from the plugin page under the Tasks icon found in the sidebar on the left.

Click "ADD TASK", enter account username (e.g. your competitor's), number of followers and followings to scan and start the Insights task.

Inssist will collect data on user's followers, followings, posts, hashtags and posting times which then can be browsed or exported to EXCEL / JSON for inspection.

You can also engage with the followers by liking their posts from Insights panel or sending DMs.

Inssist can scan any public Instagram account profile to find out how active account followers are. A formula for Profile Engagement Rate is:

[ likes + comments * 10 ] / followers_count

Likes and comments are counted on the recent 12 posts, with the most recent post excluded for precision.

The higher Profile Engagement rate the better.

Inssist analytics works out of the box. Please open the plugin page and click the Graph icon on the left.

Clicking "CHECK NOW" will perform Account Analytics check. Inssist will scan your followers and compare the follower lists to find out who followed or unfollowed you in the time periods between the checks.

Inssist respects Instagram request rate limits and the more followers you have the longer the check takes.

You can close Inssist tab while the check is running. Please make sure the Chrome is running and connected to Internet for the scan to finish in background.

You can then export the new followers and un-followers lists or engage with them, for example by liking their posts or sending them Direct Messages from Inssist.

PRO version includes the following features:

  • Scheduling: posts grid planner, calendar and time slots; photos, carousels, IGTVs and videos scheduling and automated posting.
  • Gathering account insights: followers and followings export, hashtags, posts and posting times.
  • Monitoring account analytics: scrapping new followers and un-followers, hashtags and post stats.
  • Multi-account support without Instagram re-login.

All paid features are optional and are available through the monthly PRO subscription which is ~$5 / month.

Sure. If you purchased Inssist with FastSpring, please sign into your Inssist account on a new PC.

If you purchased Inssist through Google Pay, Inssist picks up your billing details as soon as you sign into your Chrome Profile.

To sign into a Chrome Profile, please click a "user" icon in the top right corner of the Chrome toolbar. Make sure that synch is ON under chrome://settings page.

If you want to transfer your billing details onto a different Chrome Profile, please send us a email.

Google Pay for WebStore is limited to the following countries and works exclusively in Google Chrome. You can subscribe through FastSpring that works in other countries and platforms.

If you have a blog and would like to participate in an affiliate programme, please register your interest by sending us an email with a link to your blog. Please find email address at the bottom of this page.

Alternatively, you can extend the PRO Trial by sharing a story about Inssist. Please locate an Extend PRO Trial button in the PRO Version side bar in Inssist popup.

Inssist is provided AS IS. We do not offer refunds, even if it shut down willingly or unwillingly. Please read our Terms of Service for more info.

We aim to provide a free-to-try demo period for every paid feature so that you can preview them before making a purchase decision.

We suggest making sure that Inssist FREE works for you before buying a PRO license.

This typically happens because of the following:

1. You’re not signed into Chrome. To sign in, find a ‘Person’ or ‘Name’ button in the top right corner of the Chrome window. Click on it and make sure to create an account and sign in.

2. You’re not in the country supported by Google Payments system. Navigate to the the list of supported countries to check if your country is supported.

3. Your bank account and Google Payments do not like each other. Try to remove and re-add your payment method or add a different payment method on the Google Pay Website or follow instructions listed here.

Inssist respects Instagram request rate limits and deliberately slows down analytics and insights requests to Instagram to avoid request blocks.

However, in some cases Instagram may limit Session and IP request rates further causing request blocks.

Request blocks are lifted automatically and if you experience request blocks, please wait from 24 to 48 hours before running Insights or Analytics tasks.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not support DM-ing videos through their Web platform.

Consider uploading videos with free solutions such as We Transfer and sending a link through DM.

🕸️ Help us smash it️ 🕸️! Drop us an e-mail with the problem screenshot and / or explanation. We will jump right into solving it for you.

Our contact details are: @

Inssist needs to be able to make calls to Instagram.com and Facebook.com for scheduling. Please make sure you can browse the social network websites and post pages while your VPN is on.

For image and video aspect ratios supported by Instagram, please check these references: (1) and (2). You can resize videos to 1.91:1 — 9:16 aspect ratios with one of these free online tools:

If a video does not upload, please ensure it is of one of supported formats & codecs, e.g. MP4-h264 or WEBM. You can convert video format with these free tools:

Instagram.com and Inssist relies on Emojis built into your OS. There are know issues with rendering Emojis on Windows 7 for example.

If you have Windows 7 and Emojis do not render properly, try installing an update from Microsoft Support website.

Legal: InstagramTM is a trademark of Instagram LLC, registered in the U.S. and other countries. Inssist is an independent project and is not affiliated with Instagram or Facebook in any way.